Cranial Sacral

Cranial Sacral Therapy Program

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Program Overview

The 524 Clock Hour/48.5 Quarter Hour Cranial Sacral Certificate Program provides students with 160 hours of training in anatomy, physiology and neuroanatomy as well as 240 hours of practical training. Cranial Sacral I and Cranial Sacral II define physiology of the cranial sacral system and its function in health and its relationship to disease processes. Students will develop palpatory sensitivity and an understanding of the activities of the cranial bones and fluids.


Program Objectives

  • Prepare students for entry level positions as cranial sacral therapists to work cooperatively with physical therapists, dentists and doctors.
  • Provide skills necessary to evaluate and treat dysfunction and imbalance in the cranial sacral system and its relationship to the body as a whole.
  • Develop appropriate and effective communication skills to work with clients and adjunct healthcare professionals.



Prerequisite High School Graduate or equivalent.
(Class ID)
Anatomy * (BIO 110)
Business * (BUS 140)
Cranial Sacral Level 1 * (CST 210)
Cranial Sacral Level 2 * (CST 220)
Cranial Sacral Treatment (CST) Case Studies * (CST 230)
Massage Level 1 * (CMT 110)
Massage Level 2 * (CMT 120)
Neuroanatomy (BIO 230)
Physiology * (BIO 120)See individual course descriptions for prerequisites.

* Indicates course is required for AOS Degree for this area of specialty.

* These courses transfer from/to the 700 Hour CMT Program.



  • 15 months (maximum)



  • Full Time Student is one who is taking a minimum of 12 quarter credits.
  • Academic Year is a minimum of 30 weeks or 36 quarter credits.


Gainful Employment Information (Data Reported in 2016)

Name and Standard Occupational Classification for this program Massage Therapists; 31-9011.00
U.S. Dept. of Labor’s O*Net for this program Click Here
On-time graduation rate for this program 100%
Job placement rate 94%
Median loan debt incurred Title IV: $0; Private: $0
Tuition and fee charges See Advanced Training Tuition
Graduation & Placement Rates See Chart
Gainful Employment Information Click Here