700 Hour Certificate

700 Hour CMT Program

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Program Overview

The 700 Clock Hour/64 Quarter Hour* Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) program exceeds the current national average of hours required for massage therapy education. This program is singular in providing core competencies essential for a successful massage therapist.

This program is the foundation of all massage training programs offered at CSHA. The courses are structured and sequenced to provide students with a intrinsic strength of knowledge, comprehension, and application of massage techniques.


Program Objectives

  • Prepares students for entry level employment positions in clinics, spas, health clubs and chiropractic offices.
  • The sciences of anatomy and physiology are critical for a massage therapist. Students will demonstrate an ability to discuss the procedures, their purpose and any contraindications using correct medical terminology as it relates to a particular application.
  • To prepare students for taking the Massage and Bodywork License Examination.
  • Encourage personal and professional growth.



Prerequisite High School Graduate or equivalent.
Major Courses
(Class ID)
Anatomy (BIO 110)
Body Centered Therapy (CMT 132)
Business (BUS 140)
Clinic Massage (CMT 140)
Diet & Nutrition (BIO 140)
Integrative Massage (CMT 142)
Massage Level 1 (CMT 110)
Massage Level 2 (CMT 120)
Massage Level 3 (CMT 130)
Palpation of Anatomy (CMT 122)
Physiology (BIO 120)
Sports Massage Level 1 (SPM 130)
(Class ID)
Select one of the following 16 quarter hour electives

Aromatherapy (ELE 130)
Infant Massage (ELE 136)
Intro to Polarity (ELE 138)
Prenatal Massage (ELE 134)
Seated Massage Level 1 (ELE 132)



  • Completion: 15 months (maximum), 9 months (minimum)



  • Full Time Student is one who is taking a minimum of 12 quarter credits.
  • This program is paid for on clock hours completed.
  • Academic Year is a minimum of 30 weeks or 36 quarter credits*


Gainful Employment Information (Data Reported in 2016)

Name and Standard Occupational Classification for this program Massage Therapists; 31-9011.00
U.S. Dept. of Labor’s O*Net for this program Click Here
On-time graduation rate for this program 81%
Job placement rate 79%
Median loan debt incurred Title IV: $4,278; Private: $0
Tuition and fee charges See 700 Hr Program
Graduation & Placement Rates See chart
Gainful Employment Information Click Here